Free Template: Magazine Template 2

Free Template: Magazine Template 2

magazine2 It has been a long time that I didn’t make a template. It happened because of the businesses that have come to me recently. Today, I would like to launch a template which is called “ Magazine Template 2 ”. It is the second generation after the first magazine template that I posted here.

Can’t stand seeing what the magazine template 2 look like? Click the link below to see the demo of magazine template 2.

This template has been tested in the following browser

  1. FireFox 3.0.1,
  2. Opera 9.51,
  3. Google Chrome,
  4. Safari 3.1.2,
  5. Flock 1.2.5,
  6. Netscape Navigator,
  7. Internet Explorer 7

Generally, this template is good at all browser except at Internet explorer 7. There is a little bug at posting column but I will fix it in the future

Terms and service

By downloading and using our blogger template, you agree to the following terms:

  1. The template is free to download
  2. You may NOT resell the template
  3. Don't delete A Credits link to this blog
  4. You may modify, translate or distribute all of the template
  5. You may use the template for personal or commercial projects

Below is the link to download it

mirror1 mirror2

Enjoy the new template of your blog!